OMPA prepares two monthly newsletters, the Outlet and Plugged In.

The Outlet contains information on changes in the electric municipal industry, OMPA and member cities events and activities, updates on policies and regulations at the state and federal level and more. OMPA sends this newsletter to city staff and elected and appointed officials.

The Plugged In is sent to representatives and senators in the Oklahoma Legislature to discuss issues affecting municipals and reaffirm the importance of cities owning their distribution systems.

Also listed below are some of OMPA’s other publications. If you would like a hard copy of any of the following brochures please contact  Ryan Piersol or Tristan Newbold.

*Note: We will no longer be doing the quarterly Energy Services newsletter. The events/training that was found in the newsletter can now be found on the OMPA calendar.

A History of the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (1)
A History of the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (2)
Residential Energy Audit Brochure
Ceiling Insulation Rebate Program
OMPA at a glance
OMPA Legislators
Strategic Plan
Programs and Services
Power Plant Brochure
Ponca City Plant Brochure
Economic Development Rate Brochure
CFL Pamphlet
CFL Poster
Wind Energy Fact Sheet
EIA-861 brochure