WISE Rebate Program

Rebate Program

*Please note that OMPA Rebates are only available to electric customers of OMPA member cities that participate in OMPA’s Rebate Programs. For a list of participating member cities please see Participating Cities and Towns. Programs are generally only available to OMPA Oklahoma member cities.

The objective of OMPA’s WISE heat pump rebate program is to assist participating member cities in encouraging residential customers and subdivision homebuilders to purchase and install energy-efficient electric heat pumps.

The higher-efficiency units are beneficial for both the utility and the customer. The utility benefits from the reduction in summer peaks and overall improvement in load factor. Electric heat pumps also provide additional off-peak winter load. Customers heating with heat pumps could have heating bills lower in cost than other alternatives for most (or all) of the winter, with appropriate electric rate structures. During the summer, higher-efficiency heat pumps help reduce customers’ air-conditioning costs.

The minimum requirements for rebates in this program are set above the minimum standards required by the EPA’s Energy Star program, which are higher than the minimum equipment standards set by the US Department of Energy.



Installation Team Form for GHP

WISE Heat Pump Rebate Contractor Agreement

WISE Ceiling Insulation Rebate Program

The objective of OMPA’s WISE ceiling insulation rebate program is to assist participating member cities in encouraging residential customers to purchase and install attic insulation.  This will help the utility by lowering peak demand and will help the customer by improving their home’s energy efficiency, which in turn will lower their heating and cooling costs.


WISE Hot Water Heater Rebate Program

The Hot Water Tank Rebate Program offers financial incentives to participating member city, residential electric customers who meet all rebate guidelines. The rebate guidelines specify energy efficiency requirements for fuel switching, or upgrading electric hot water tanks in residential homes.

For more information on the WISE Rebate Programs, contact Steve Mathena at smathena@ompa.com.