Equipment for Sale


Letter stuffer for free

Working Hasler M3000 envelope stuffer. Stuffs and seals envelopes with up to 2 pages. Counts number of envelopes stuffed. For more information contact Sarah Carter,, 405-598-2188.





Below is a list of some hardware and equipment leftover from a previous substation upgrade. If any of our cities are interested in the equipment please contact Alex Dobson.

  • 3-4.1kV potential transformers (condition unknown)
  • Assorted CTs (condition unknown)
  • Assorted insulator pins and brackets, insulators tie wraps, square head bolts
  • 10 kVA 7.2kV pole mount transformer (condition unknown, has PCB free sticker)
  • 5 KVA 4.16kV pole mount transformer ((condition unknown)
  • Some really old reclosers (not sure on the details)
  • Steel cabinet with old recloser controller
  • Various aluminum and copper 2 hole pads with clamps
  • Various arrestors (not sure on voltage)
  • About 20 insulators some are 12kV class, some are 24kV class
  • Various deadend bells (24 and 12 kV)
  • Roll of aluminum tie wire