Storm Restoration Efforts Continue

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Storm Restoration Efforts Continue 

The City of Newkirk remains without power as a result of Wednesday night’s storms. During the storm, four transmission poles were knocked down and one was snapped in half by high winds which caused the outage.

OMPA personnel, the City of Newkirk and Whitnah construction worked throughout the night repairing the damage. Currently three of the five poles are up and two of the three are fully framed.

Crews continue to work to get all five poles up and ready for service. We are optimistic that power will be restored by early this evening.  

Again, we appreciate the citizens of Newkirk being patient under the conditions they are experiencing.  We ask that customers remain patient as crews are working as fast as they can to restore power.

OMPA is a state governmental agency created by the legislature to serve cities and towns that own and operate their electrical distribution systems and is governed by the members. The Authority presently serves 39 municipally-owned electric systems in Oklahoma.