High Temperatures Test Electric Supply System

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High Temperatures Test Electric Supply System

The summer record high temperatures have created a strain on electric systems across the state to keep up with record high usages.   This summer is going down as the hottest on record along with record usage by consumers. 

Last week Geary, along with other cities in the region, noticed numerous blinks during the week and this was followed by an extended outage on Saturday.  An investigation into the blinks revealed the breaker failure at OG&E’s Roman Nose substation was due to contacts having burnt up.  To restore service, the load was transferred to another breaker, but due to high loads, the additional load exceeded the back-up breaker load rating, which caused the back-up breaker to lock out.  This required distribution crews to go out on the system serving the area and physically re-sectionalize the load to allow the load to be reduced to a level that the breakers were able to carry the load. 

A review of maintenance records on the breakers revealed regular routine maintenance had been performed and that it was working properly at the time of the inspections.  OMPA is continuing to look at problem areas though out the system and seeking ways to better address issues.   

On Saturday, high winds and stormy conditions caused the loss of 12 poles, thereby interrupting serve to many customers in the region, including the Geary, Oklahoma system.  This outage required additional crews to be called out to obtain additional materials to make repairs to the damaged system and re-sectionalize the lines to restore service.