The Demand and Energy Efficiency Program, DEEP, is intended to assist qualified customers in member cities to reduce their electric service energy demands and costs. The reduction of these demands will help keep energy rates as low as possible and delay the need to add additional OMPA generation capacity to the system.

The range of project types include replacing motors with NEMA Premium Motors, inefficient lighting with new fluorescent or LED technology lights, improvements in cooling and heating with ground source heat pumps or high-efficiency chillers or replacing old food service equipment.

DEEP provides matching funds to customers who implement energy-saving measures that will reduce their summer peak electric demands. Projects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and funds available for an individual project are determined through submission of detailed project plans.

For more information on DEEP contact OMPA.

*Please note that programs are generally only available to OMPA Oklahoma member cities. DEEP rebates are not available for outdoor lighting, including canopies, awnings, parking lot lights, etc.

DEEP Guidelines

DEEP Application

DEEP Brochure

OMPA WISE Rebate Summary (Commercial/Industrial/Institutional)