Ralls Selected to OMPA Board

Chuck Ralls of Comanche was selected to fill a vacancy on the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority’s (OMPA) Board of Directors at its regular board meeting June 8 in Edmond.

Ralls has been the City Manager for the City of Comanche since March of 2016. The board term he is filling will last through September of 2017, at which point he would be eligible for a full three-year term.

Ralls is a native and fourth-generation resident of Comanche. His grandfather, Earl, worked for the city for 42 years, including as both Public Works Director and City Manager.

Chuck Ralls joined the City of Comanche after a lengthy career in private employment, mostly in the industries of laboratory design and petroleum fueling system design.

Ralls was selected as the Comanche Chamber Member of the Year in his first year as the City Manager, and also received the 2016 Keep Oklahoma Beautiful “Best Government Clean-Up” award. He serves on several committees, including the Comanche Chamber of Commerce, as the Vice Chair of the South Central Oklahoma Environmental Authority and as the Vice Chair of Great Plains Country.

A wholesale power supplier with 42 municipal members throughout Oklahoma, OMPA is governed by its 11-member Board of Directors, who are elected by representatives of the members. The board is comprised of elected officials, city managers and others who are involved in the operating or governing of their electric systems. Board members serve staggered three-year terms, with one-third of them coming up for election each year.

OMPA has delivered power to Comanche since July, 1985, making the city one of the original 26 members of the Authority.