OMPA Member Cities Receive MESO Operations Awards

OMPA Member Cities Receive MESO Operations Awards

Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma (MESO) presented awards for outstanding operations in the area of safety and reliability to several OMPA member cities this year.  MESO holds an annual competition in those two areas and provides recognition to cities for outstanding achievement.

This year the electric department of the Laverne Public Works Authority was presented the award for outstanding reliability among small cities.  The city posted a 99.9982 ASAI, which stands for average system availability index.  This number means that a typical customer received power 99.9982% of the time during 2011 which is an amazing level of reliability.  Laverne’s data sheet showed, for example, only one outage for the month of May.  The average consumer in Laverne had less than 15 minutes of outage time for the year.

Blackwell Public Power was the first place award winner for larger cities.  Blackwell had an ASAI reading of 99.9976 for the year, which also comes to less than 15 minutes of outage time per customer.  That reading as well as the one for Laverne were the highest scores ever turned in by a member city. 

Edmond Electric was recognized by MESO for outstanding consistency in reliability.  An ASAI score of 99.99 is often sufficient to achieve a first place award in reliability.  Edmond Electric recorded reliability of 99.99 ASAI in each of the last twelve years.  Edmond Electric and MESO developed the reliability software used by member cities, and OMPA staff provide assistance to members in the set-up and use of the software. 

In the area of safety, MESO recognized the Okeene Public Power for its operations record among small cities, while the electric departments of Fairview Utilities and the Purcell Public Works Authority were recognized for safety among medium sized and larger cities.  All had perfect records.